Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bell Branch -~ Book One of The Éire Chronicles

This week I launched (on Kindle) Book One of my new Celtic urban fantasy series The Éire Chronicles.  Book One is entitled Bell Branch and is, as it is with this blog, inspired by Ella Young. Below is Ella Young's poem from which I extracted the repetitive charm, or spell, used throughout the story.

Thank you, Ella, for allowing me not only your inspiring words around which to spin my tale but to also allow me to weave you into my story.  After so many years learning about your life and studying your words through published and unpublished writings (as well as your copious correspondence) I began to see you as more than a subject of biographical research.  I feel honored to bring you into my story where you settled in so well with my vision of how it might have been.

Song of a Faery Lover by Ella Young from Smoke of Myrrh (1950)

Swan from the air,
Leaf from the bough,
With the bell-branch I carry
I charm to me now:
Silver-throated swinging
The bells of it are ringing
Like faery birdlets singing
All so happily.

Hear the faint sweet chiming,
Cadenced and climbing
Close wound, yet free,
And for sound of the bell-branch
Follow me!
Oh follow
O’er foam-crest and hollow.

My white steeds are bidding,
Their long manes sliding,
In a wave-curl of the sea.

Hark to their neighing!

The shaken wave,
The shore wave swaying,
Sinks to the sea:
The wave returns,
Return with me.

I charm your eyes,
I charm your feet,
I charm your heart
With mine to beat,
Flame to white flame
Austere and fair.

I charm you to diviner air.
I am laughter of the sea,
I bear the bell-branch,
Follow me!

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