Sunday, June 2, 2013


Photograph © Denise Sallee 2013

In 1995 I owned Raven in the Grove, a women's bookstore and art gallery, and found my world expanding in strange and wonderful ways. My all-too-brief period in the store was the only time I have felt truly myself. I flourished, at least emotionally and spiritually, in an environment entirely self-created. It reflected who I was and who I remain - though that person, Me, is no longer free to be. The importance of the experience remains - reminding me of my own unique potential - and brings me hope.

It was at my store that I discovered the poet May Sarton through her books placed lovingly upon my shelves. She reached me because her poems reflected my own thoughts, desires, and memories.

It was in 1995 that  her publisher, W.W. Norton, sent me a card announcing May's  death.  I felt honored to have been part of bringing her words to those who needed them - as I still need them - and now I share this poem with you. I know that Ella Young would also have resonated with May's words.

Invocation by May Sarton

Come out of the dark earth
Here where the minerals
Glow in their stone cells
Deeper than seed or birth.

Come under the strong wave
Here where the tug goes
As the tide turns and flows
Below that architrave.

Come into the pure air
Above all heaviness
Of storm and cloud to this
Light-possessed atmosphere.

Come into, out of, under
The earth, the wave, the air.
Love, touch us everywhere
With primeval candor.

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