Monday, September 23, 2013

A Pool of Quiet Water

Photograph © Denise Sallee 2013

Make for myself a pool of quiet water,
Wombed in by rocks whose granite strength
Holds back the turbulence of the tides.

Quiet waters of seclusion,
Not of isolation that lacks
The interplay of the small pool with the vast ocean,
But of separation and reunion.
In such quiet waters of seclusion,
Shelter me for a time
From the turbulence of my own tides.

Immersed, I know it is my own breath,
The rhythm of my life,
That allows me to float freely on the surface.

Quiet waters of seclusion,
Where in safety and trust
Of my own being,
I swim in stillness.

Make for myself a pool of quiet water
In which I descend for sanctity
And release the past and yield to the future.

In silence shall I slip naked
Into the clear, the renewing,
Waters of my own afterbirth.

Dark and mute is my pool,
She invites me inside,
She seduces me to her depths
Where reality is the truth
That my heart remains beating,
My heart remains strong.

And I glide all fin-like
Through the shadows,
The rocks my castle walls – 

I have made for myself a pool of quiet water.
My soul is secure.

Denise  Sallee – All Rights Reserved 1995

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