Thursday, July 30, 2015

In Celebration of Lughnasadh

Photograph by Denise Sallee
© Denise Sallee 2010

(1910 )
from the tale  THE COMING OF LUGH

The Spear was in the lake then. Great clouds of steam rose about it from the black water. Out of the hissing steam Demons of the Air were born. The Demons were great and terrible. There was an icy wind about them. They found their way into Ireland. They took prey there in spite of the De Danaans. They made broad tracks for themselves. The Fomor followed in their tracks. It was then that misfortune came to the De Danaans. The people of the Fomor got the better of the De Danaans. They took the Cauldron of Plenty and the Magic Harp from the Dagda. They made themselves lords and hard rulers over the De Danaans, and they laid Ireland under tribute. They were taking tribute out of it ever and again till Lugh Lauve Fauda came. 'Twas he that broke the power of the Fomor and sent the three sons of Dana for the Spear. They had power to draw it out of the lake. They gave it to Lugh, and it is with him it is now, and 'tis he will set it up again in the middle of Ireland before the end of the world.

 At the Gates of Dawn: A Collection of Writings by Ella Young. Edited by John Matthews & Denise Sallee 


  1. Welcome back after your break. Great excerpt!

  2. Thanks for reading! I hope to do more from her Wonder Tales.