Friday, November 11, 2016

Totem of Gratitude

Image by Denise Sallee.  © Denise Sallee 2016
The hawk's cry as she soars across the very hills I resist calling my home. Words written in a faraway place and time that sought and found their secret entry to my soul. The memory imprinted, deeper than the ink of a tattoo and deeper still than death, your breath against my skin. A mother's love both given and received. A father's strength. The quiet miracle of rain. Going deeper, despite the darkness, and trusting in my resilience. Ancient notes; passion's sung; vibrations of a stranger's heart beating in my own. Lips to linger; hands to heal; eyes to envision; feet to fly.  Health. Discernment. Fire. A raven's wing lifted to the moon. The Moon. The Light. The Dark. The embrace. The surrender.

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