Friday, April 25, 2014

Sigils, Semiotics and Symbols

You can hear the hiss of the snake in these words - sigils…semiotics...symbols. The words hold power, an alchemical power that unites the mundane to the magical. Worlds colliding. Veiling lifting. Mists dissolving.

This world that I inhabit takes great pleasure in weighing me down. Since childhood I have felt the shackles that bind me here. Why struggle?

Then, the realization that, even more than my words, my images (imaging/imagining) brought me the hidden powers necessary to connect beyond. To go deeper. To break the shackles.

My art becomes my portal to travel there…

My art becomes the portal to envision… differently… the shimmering instant when the mundane merges with the other…

And the other is Mystery - cloaked…hidden... and then,  revealed.

All images © Denise Sallee 2014

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