Friday, May 2, 2014

Films…Scripts…and not giving up

If I had it to do all over again…
I've been thinking about that concept recently as I realize there are still dreams unfulfilled and challenges I have yet to meet. Looking back to my twenties and thinking about  my secret aspirations from that time,  I realize I dreamed of becoming involved with cinema. I already knew I looked through a camera lens and "saw" a world quite different than what others were seeing. The stumbling block for me was the enormity of it all - I mean, how would a young, and extremely shy and insecure, woman in the 70's become a cinematographer, or perhaps even a director?

Six hours from Hollywood but it may as well have been six hundred…

Anyway, French and Italian cinema (of that time)  beckoned me. That seemed truly impossible.

So that was then. Decades later, during a wet summer in Ireland, I discovered scriptwriting. Here was a world that allowed me to connect my words with my images. Yes!  I explored the Irish film world. Yes! Were my dreams about to be realized after all those many years?

Now here I am back in California and again "Six hours from Hollywood…" I am no longer shy and certainly not insecure but I am much older with responsibilities that have clipped my wings. I have two completed feature-length scripts I would love to sell - love to see them come to life.

Clipped wings are only for the mundane world. Dreams and challenges are of the world I create for myself. Can I sell a script via a website? via Twitter? via Tumblr?  Perhaps and why the hell not?

So I present to the world one of my scripts on its own website.  I dream of one day seeing it come to life.

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