Thursday, November 22, 2012

Being Thankful

The Voice of the Sea

The sea was hoary, hoary, 
Beating on rock and cave : 
The winds were white and weeping
With foam dust of the wave. 

They thundered louder, louder,
With storm-lips curled in scorn — 
And dost thou tremble before us, 
O fallen, star of morn ?

 - A.E. in The Earth Breath and other poems. 1879

Yesterday I rediscovered an old haunt of mine - a white sandy beach at the mouth of the Carmel River. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed going there in the winter after a storm to see what gifts the river laid upon the beach. It was like connecting with an old friend with whom you share memories of a time long gone by.

So, on today - Thanksgiving Day - I am grateful for the river and the sea that still have the power to draw my spirit....and their gifts for those with the eyes to see.

Photographs © Denise Sallee 2012


  1. Nice post Denise. I love the photo of the washed up goodies. When I first looked at it without seeing the detail I thought it was an artist's Smörgåsbord of paint brushes, crayons, pencils etc....

  2. Thank you and I love your imagery of artists tools...and the tools themselves become art.